I am

trend-savvy, visionary, analytical, intuitive, observant, persuasive, evaluative, thoughtful, innovative, multidisciplinary, business-savvy, a lateral thinker, a problem-solver

I'm killin' it everyday, because

I?m the brains of the operation. I actually get paid to think. Without my ideas, there would be no ad campaigns. I am always the first to sniff out consumer trends, and transform them into compelling campaign strategies. I?m fascinated by people, and I understand better than anyone how they think, behave, and how ideas influence them. It?s my job to represent the consumer in the creative process. I help clients do a better job of communicating to their customers. I?m always ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding how the world is going to look five years from now, and people really value my insight. I am not only insightful, but innately creative, and I have a good head for understanding and delivering business value.

Strategic Planner

  • Monitor and interpret relevant cultural and social trends
  • Conduct and analyze research into the client?s market, consumers, and business objectives to uncover insight about relevant human instincts and behaviours that can be leveraged in strategies
  • Synthesize research findings and turn the client?s business objectives into inspiring, consumer-driven, strategic solutions
  • Draft creative briefs (documents) to inspire and guide the creative team toward a successful creative product
  • Work closely with the client to develop strategic ideas and troubleshoot issues
  • Oversee the entire strategic-creative process from start to finish to ensure the core strategy is executed successfully
  • Help lead organizational change and development by providing counsel on business issues


Strategic Planner

  • BA/BS degree, particularly with a background in psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology or the Liberal Arts

What will make me stand out?

  • Being a culture junkie with an insatiable curiosity
  • A tenacity for argument and winning people over
  • Having an uncommon combination of business acumen and creativity
  • Previous internships or work experience in advertising
  • Experience with qualitative/quantitative research

Where you fit in

Reports to:

Strategic Planning Director


Strategic Planning Coordinator

Liases with:

Account Director, Account Managers, Creative Director, Copywriters, Graphic Designer

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