I am

trend-savvy, visionary, analytical, intuitive, a team leader, observant, persuasive, evaluative, thoughtful, innovative, multidisciplinary, a lateral thinker, a problem-solver, an experienced strategic planning professional

I'm killin' it everyday, because

I?m the brains behind the advertising industry. I actually get paid to lead a team of thinkers. Without my strategic direction we would spin our wheels and take the wrong routes in coming up with campaign ideas and solutions. I am always the first to sniff out consumer trends, and transform them into compelling strategies. I?m fascinated by people, and I understand better than anyone how they think, behave, and how ideas influence them. I help clients do a better job of communicating to their customers. I?m always ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding how the world is going to look five years from now, and people really value my insight

Strategic Director

  • Direct a team of strategic planners to develop business-building strategies and ideas that will directly address clients? business needs in an innovative and strategic way
  • Enforce quality standards for strategic planning teams and develop and implement consistent strategy planning methodologies, tools and resource
  • Assist in translating strategy into creative direction and ensure consumer relevance of strategies throughout the strategic, creative and production processes; serve as a problem solver for strategic issues
  • Conduct and analyze research into the clients? markets, consumers, and business objectives to uncover insight that can be strategically leveraged
  • Act as a strategy advisor to departmental directors, senior management, strategic planners and creative teams, and develop and execute training and mentorship initiatives within the strategic planning department


Strategic Director

  • Bachelor?s degree, particularly with a background in psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology or the Liberal Arts
  • 7+ years of work experience in a strategy management/ leadership position

What will make me stand out?

  • Being a culture junkie with an insatiable curiosity
  • A tenacity for argument and winning people over
  • Demonstrated success executing strategic projects that delivered bottom-line results
  • Experience with qualitative/quantitative research

Where you fit in

Reports to:

Strategic Group Director


All strategic planning staff

Liases with:

Other departmental directors and senior management

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Strategic Director