I am

Tech-savvy, trend-savvy, seriously sociable, analytical, a listener, a fast thinker, cool under pressure, strategic, creative, innovative, a facilitator, passionate, dedicated, witty, a people person, detail-oriented, insightful, a storyteller

I'm killin' it everyday, because

I?m at the heart of all the real-time, real-life conversations people are having about brands. I am the socialite at the party. I have more friends and connections than anyone I know. I actually get paid to orchestrate social communities online, and I?m seriously good at it. I?m as good at writing as I am decoding social media analytics, and I love both. I have a knack for strategic thinking and I?m always on top of trends in social and new media platforms. I know all the key channels inside out and I understand their different advantages for reaching different audiences. I?m a fantastic listener and I never miss a single detail. I may or may not check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on my phone every 5 minutes?

Social Media Specialist

  • Maintain all fingers on the pulse of how social strategy and brand solutions work together in an integrated way
  • Develop and implement strategic social engagement and community management programs for clients, acting as the brand representative to the community and as the community representative to the brand
  • Liaise with client and internal solution teams to ensure strategic concepts are implemented effectively, efficiently, on-brand and on-budget
  • Maintain daily activities including posting, answering questions, fostering discussion and sharing content across a broad range of social channels to increase visibility, traffic, repeat engagement and valuable transactions
  • Monitor and track trends, analytics and performance metrics to ensure campaigns are performing optimally; respond to changes as needed
  • Perform research into new social platforms, tools and techniques to ensure social media strategies for particular brand solutions and target audiences are leveraging appropriate social interaction opportunities
  • Commit to continually strengthening and broadening skills and capabilities across different content mediums (text, audio, video, etc.) and social channels


Social Media Specialist

  • Bachelor?s degree in communications, marketing, journalism, videography, PR or related field

What will make me stand out?

  • Being a social trend junkie; having a strong personal social media presence
  • A deep understanding of social platforms and application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • A portfolio of strong written content across different platforms
  • Internships or work experience in advertising or social media environments
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, content management systems, analytics tools (e.g. Radian6), Photoshop and video editing software

Where you fit in

Reports to:

Social Media Director



Liases with:

Digital Analyst, Interactive Strategist, Interactive Designer, Web Designer, SEO Specialis

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Social Media Specialist