I am

Passionate, personable, creative, organized, a problem-solver, business-minded, pro-active, adaptable, multidisciplinary, visionary, diligent, decisive and deadline-driven

I'm killin' it everyday, because

Unlike everyone else, I get to have a hand in every stage of the process- from creative idea to final production. I?m a real ?people person? and I can run a super-successful team like clockwork. I tend to get along with everyone and people always look to me for guidance. I love that my days are always different. I?m as good at painting a creative vision for the projects I work on as I am at checking the numbers on budgets and schedules; I love the variety and the level of responsibility that I get with this role. If it weren?t for me projects would never get done on time or on budget. What I love most is seeing the final product come in perfectly, as I know I played a key role from start to finish. I am a passionate person, and I live for success.

Project Manager

  • I oversee creative projects from initial briefs and idea generation to final production and delivery; ensuring projects are delivered on time and on budget
  • I create schedules, budgets and resource documents that outline exactly what has to be done by whom, when and how
  • I mentor teams and troubleshoot issues throughout the project process to ensure effective and efficient completion of projects
  • I liaise with all departments within the agency to ensure projects are running smoothly and to share knowledge and expertise where required


Project Manager

  • Bachelor?s degree in business, management or a related field recommended
  • PMP designation an asset

What will make me stand out?

  • Being shockingly personable and cool under pressure
  • Demonstrating adaptability and superior problem solving skill
  • Having an interest and passion for every stage in the process of creating and producing campaigns
  • Internships or work experience in advertising, communications or project management environments

Where you fit in

Reports to:

Project Management Director



Liases with:

All teams and departments within the agency

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Project Manager