I am

A negotiator, organized, data-savvy, detail-oriented, a team player, strategic, sociable, insightful, personable, analytical and persuasive.

I'm killin' it everyday, because

I can sniff out a good opportunity anywhere. If it weren?t for me, nobody would ever see the awesome creative work that our industry produces. I have a wealth of connections and I love networking and meeting new people. I?m always on the leading edge of new technology and media platforms. I can?t wait to find out what?s going to be huge in the future and start using it today. I know exactly where, when and how an ad should be presented to a particular audience to achieve the greatest impact. I understand every dimension of the media experience for the audience, and I love being the one responsible for making that experience amazing.

Media Buyer

  • I purchase media space and airtime on behalf of clients
  • I build strong relationships with a variety of media partners to get the best rates and space
  • I research new developments in the media industry, latest trends, and stay up-to-date with competitor activity
  • I manage media bookings, budgets, costing and spending reports for clients
  • I present special recommendations to clients and key account management personnel


Media Buyer

  • College certificate or Bachelor?s degree in commerce, marketing, business or related field

What will make me stand out?

  • Being a detail freak; always being on top of what it takes to make things happen
  • Having a passion for numbers and knowing how to interpret them
  • Superior interpersonal skills, an interest in people and an ability to engage them
  • An ability to negotiate successful outcomes
  • Excitement and enthusiasm for the future of media platforms

Where you fit in

Reports to:

Media Director



Liases with:

Media Planner, Account Managers, Strategic Planner

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Media Buyer