I am

Tech-savvy, innovative, observant, curious, detail-oriented, visionary, trend-savvy, a networker, articulate, multidisciplinary, a holistic problem solver, creative, bold, business-minded and strategic

I'm killin' it everyday, because

I am the brains behind the fastest growing trends in media and communications. I?m completely fluent in everything related to technology and digital opportunities, and how people use and experience technology in their lives. I also speak the language of integrated solution design. I think quickly on my feet and I?m always ready to experience, research and respond to the fast-moving world of digital. I love having my fingers on the pulse of what?s coming. I?m as equally skilled at understanding technological platforms as I am business strategy, and when I combine the two, magic happens. I love the level of freedom and capacity for creativity and innovation in my job. I also love that every single day is different. I am key to driving innovation in the industry and people really recognize and respect how important my role is.

Digital Strategist

  • I develop and present digital strategies across a diverse range of channels including web, mobile apps, search and social platforms, video, gaming experiences, etc. that are specifically targeted to the client?s audience with the intention of delivering a unique, innovative and meaningful brand experience campaign
  • I research and stay on top of the latest new media trends, technological developments, competitor activities and market opportunities in the digital space
  • I liaise with strategy, account management, creative and production departments - to ensure digital strategies are fully integrated and supportive of campaign objectives
  • I draft and present periodic digital monitoring reports and key trends for internal personnel as well as clients
  • I build carefully-crafted measurement tools and objectives into all digital strategies and develop agile processes to evaluate and respond to the fast-changing digital environment throughout the duration of campaigns and client relationships


Digital Strategist

  • Bachelor?s degree in commerce, marketing, business, computer science, new media or related field

What will make me stand out?

  • Being a trend-savvy digital guru
  • Demonstrating complete technological fluency
  • An ability to think and adapt to continual change in the digital realm
  • Excitement and enthusiasm for the future of new media and technology
  • Previous internships or work experience in an agency environment

Where you fit in

Reports to:

Strategic or Digital Planning Director



Liases with:

Interactive Designers, Social Media Manager, Digital Analyst, SEO Specialist

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Digital Strategist