I am

Creative, imaginative, bold, expressive, design-savvy, adaptable, perceptive, a team leader, deadline-driven, multidisciplinary, detail-oriented, visionary, persuasive, an ideas person, an experienced creative professional

I'm killin' it everyday, because

I am the creative heart and soul of the advertising industry. The best part of my job? I get paid to lead creative projects. I love thinking, writing and designing, and I have a knack for getting others inspired and motivated to produce their best work. What makes me stand out is my thorough understanding of how creative work relates to business needs. I?m good at persuading people with my visionary ideas. I understand how the interplay of images, words and experiences can have a profound impact on people. I never leave the house without a notebook and pen to record my ideas!

Creative Director

  • Inspire everyone working on a client project across the agency to drive and push for fresh thinking that will translate into compelling, high impact campaign ideas
  • Provide creative leadership on agency accounts and campaigns to ensure creative activities reflect a competitive level of excellence, are maximizing profitability for the agency, and are in line with clients? business needs and objective
  • Contribute to maintaining a strong relationship with clients throughout the creative process
  • Ensure ideas and concepts are in line with project budgets and timing expectations
  • Provide objective and constructive critiques of creative work during its development, and cultivate a positive creative atmosphere composed of solid creative philosophy, values and beliefs
  • Contribute to problem solving and idea generation processes to resolve creative issues
  • Participate in selection of vendors together with creative and production teams


Creative Director

  • Bachelor?s degree in Arts, Business, Public Relations, Journalism, Communications, or related field
  • 7+ years experience in a creative management position

What will make me stand out?

  • Bold, expressive ideas and leadership style
  • An obsession with creative ideas and executions in all forms and functions
  • Work experience as a senior writer or art director
  • Demonstrated skill with managing a team of creative people and delivering successful products on time and on budget

Where you fit in

Reports to:

Creative Group Director


All members of the creative team

Liases with:

Other departmental directors and senior management

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