I am

Tech-savvy, organized, analytical, a pattern-finder, a storyteller, detail-oriented, articulate, logical, data-savvy, business-minded, insightful, cool under pressure, a multi-tasker and a team-player

I'm killin' it everyday, because

I?m the pilot in the world of digital advertising and communication: I sit at the controls. I love data, numbers and graphs, and I can put a dashboard together in no time - flat. I love the thrill of uncovering new insights. I take being digitally-savvy to another level. I can find patterns even in the most convoluted situations. I?m an expert at drawing out trends and insights. I?m as good at crunching numbers as I am making them easy for others to understand. I have the ability to bring numbers to life. I won?t bore, but will inspire you through actionable insights. I never turn down the chance to share my opinions in the world of digital, because I?ve got the hard evidence to back them up. There?s no question I?m inseparable from my digital dashboards. I?m always listening. You never know what you might find out!

Analytics Manager

  • I conduct analysis of web, mobile and social traffic, content and sentiment for internal teams and clients
  • I provide periodic updates, summaries and ad hoc requests for analytics reports
  • I design and compile dashboard reports, PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets to share analytics insights with internal stakeholders in interactive production, digital strategy, social media and search teams
  • I interpret and showcase behavioural trends and recommendations on an ongoing basis to ensure campaigns remain effective, efficient and are meeting the client?s objectives
  • I ask questions on an ongoing basis and investigate why outliers occur


Analytics Manager

  • College certification or Bachelor?s degree in mathematics or a related field, or the equivalent number of years experience in a research or analytics role

What will make me stand out?

  • A shocking capacity to spot trends in messy, complicated data sets
  • Demonstrated complete technological fluency
  • An ability to think and adapt to continual change in the digital realm
  • A finger on the pulse of the latest analytics tools and technologies
  • Knowing what a Hadoop cluster is, and how it relates to Big Data
  • Building models in Excel as a second nature
  • Previous internships or work experience in digital marketing, research, analytics or an agency environment

Where you fit in

Reports to:

Analytics Director



Liases with:

Social Media Manager, SEO Specialist, Digital Strategist, Interactive Strategist

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Analytics Manager