I am

Business-savvy, charismatic, organized, self-motivated, sociable, adaptable, resourceful, deadline-driven, trustworthy, a leader, a negotiator and a problem-solver.

I'm killin' it everyday, because

I am the oil that keeps the client relationship and solution machine running. I am the first line of contact between the client and the agency, and I pride myself on my ability to foster amazing relationships with clients. I bring the business relationship knowledge to every project and have a real, direct impact on the company?s bottom line. I get to be involved with every aspect of the solution development process from beginning to end. I love the day-to-day variety and I?m always learning

Account Manager

  • I act as the primary liaison between the client and the agency to build strong business relationships based on trust and expert counsel
  • I liaise to provide client coordination and direction throughout the entire communication and advertising process from idea generation through to execution - to ensure that projects come in on time, on budget, and according to strategy
  • I research and become an expert about the client, the client?s products and/or services, market, consumers and competitors
  • I communicate the client?s needs and business objectives clearly to the team
  • I collaborate with a strategic planner to help translate the client?s marketing brief into an inspiring, strategic creative brief, to guide the creative and production teams through to a successful solution
  • I plan schedules and budgets to maximize agency resources; monitor and update finance and production forecasts; maintain accurate records of client expenditures, time utilization, billing information, client contacts, conference reports, etc.
  • I present agency recommendations to the client and frequent updates on progress and I negotiate to resolve issues


Account Manager

  • College certification or Bachelor?s degree, particularly in Business, Commerce, Marketing, Economics or Law, or a related field with marketing-specific training

What will make me stand out?

  • Charisma and a confident, sociable attitude
  • An innate ability to proactively troubleshoot issues and anticipate potential challenges
  • A demonstrated ability to stay cool under pressure
  • A demonstrated ability to manage many different stakeholders with many different personality types
  • A nose for business success in interpersonal relationships
  • Previous internships or work experience in advertising

Where you fit in

Reports to:

Account Director


Account Coordinator

Liases with:

Most other departments (strategic planning, creative, media, production

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Account Manager