What’s my next step?

Hey there!

Did you just graduate from high school or are working towards it? Are you creative, curious and want to make a splash in the world? If you answered ?yes? to any of these, you?re in the right place.

Agency work is more than creating billboards and TV commercials. It?s a world that allows people like you to apply their creativity and curiosity to solving complex business problems.

Marketing communications professionals value being at the front of technological and social change and may be very similar to you and what you?re good at!

you?ll be surprised at how your interests can be applied to a career in marketing communications and in the agency world

For example

If your notebooks are covered in doodles and you know social media like the back of your hand, you may be a natural fit for the Agency world. Check out these resources to see how your talents might apply to a job at an agency, and what you need to get there.