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Have you just earned your degree/diploma or are working towards it? Congratulations! You now have an advanced asset which distinguishes you and puts you in high demand in the job market.

Sometimes, it?s also about skills and attitude. If you?re good at solving problems and are a creative and a critical thinker, you might be the type of person who would excel in the creative part of marketing communications. Or for those interested in branding, business and audience engagement, there are also other important roles that await you.

Diving in will expose you to a wide range of opportunities that are suited to your abilities.

Social Media Specialist
Media Director
Creative Director
Operations Manager
Production Team

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Commercial creativity isn?t just about Art Directors and Account Managers. It?s a huge mix of business problem solvers, strategists, social savants, number crunchers, event planners, business gurus and many others. Some high?demand roles are ones you may have never even considered or known about.

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