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Production Manager


The drive to succeed

Nicola Brown, a recent grad and freelance communications specialist sat down with Steve Benedict to see what life is like as a Production Manager.

What is your job all about, in a nutshell?<br>
In a nutshell, I?m responsible for bringing the creative idea to life on each and every campaign our company produces. I work very closely with the client service teams to build and execute budgets to ensure each project is delivered on time, on budget and on scope. At the same time I work closely with our creative team to ensure their vision is executed exactly as they design it to be.<br>
Can you describe a typical work week?<br>
Any given week is something brand new as each project is a custom creation. On any given week I could be meeting with suppliers to scope and price out a new project, visiting my printing partners for press proofs on print jobs, attending meetings for new project briefings, or building and refining budgets for a project.<n>
As I am responsible for every facet of the production through completion, I also work very closely with my shipping partners to ensure assets deliver across Canada in a timely fashion to the designated location. I am also responsible for working with my customs brokers on shipments importing and exporting through Canada. I also work closely with our accounting department to ensure my suppliers are paid in a timely fashion.<n>
As I said, each project affords me the opportunity of working with so many people on so many different levels!<br>
What elements of your work do you get most excited about?<br>
My favourite part of the job is seeing the final project. Whether it?s quality control on uniforms or promotional items, or client visits with custom builds, to me it feels like Christmas morning every time I open a box of product I?ve just made or see the finished project for the first time. If I?ve taken the time to put in the work properly, the end product is always exactly as I envisioned it, and that?s extremely rewarding.<br>
Describe some of the biggest challenges you have faced and do face in your position. How have you overcome them?<br>
In my role I have two challenges that generally pop up on every project. Number one being the budget. Often times I am given a percentage of the total budget and I must stay within this budget to ensure the project is successful from an execution standpoint