Interview with an agency pro




Media Manager



Nicola Brown, a recent grad and freelance communications specialist sat down with Melissa Champagne to see what life is like as a Media Manager.

What is your job all about, in a nutshell?<br>
In a nutshell, I plan, negotiate, and purchase media inventory. Essentially, when you see a TV commercial or print ad, I help to put it there. I look at my client?s business/advertising objectives and media budget, and then choose the best media tactics to deliver the desired results to the client. This could include anything from broadcast media such as TV and radio, to more traditional tactics such as print and outdoor, or the more
current tactics like online, video, and social.<br>
Can you describe a typical work week?<br>
My work week is always different which helps to keep things interesting. Typically each week includes a mix of client communication, media strategy/execution, as well as project management.<br>
What elements of your work do you get most excited about?<br>
It is the daily challenges that get me the most excited at work ? things like short timelines, difficult briefs, or never-been-done-before media executions. The ?unexpected? helps to keep the day-to-day interesting and always has me thinking on my feet.